Adorable Dog Pretends To Be Asleep To Avoid A Walk

This smart pup doesn’t want to go for walk and pretends to be asleep to get rid of it.Seems like, 4 year old Kingston is not in a mood to go for his walk and stay back on his coat with a fake “snoozing. Watch how this hilarious bulldog tries his best to avoid his walk with a fake sleep!

Even though it looks like he is in deep sleep, but on a close inspection she came to know that Kingston is pretending to be asleep.Thank God he didn’t send her away with a loud barking! Instead he choose to pretend sweet and smart to fake her!Finally after a lot of convincing the lazy guy got up and was ready for his walk.

Watch to know,how this lovely animals are clever enough to find the excuses for their laziness! All dog lovers need to watch it and you’ll enjoy their brilliant cuteness!

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