Bullied Teen With Rare Disorder Meets Girl Just Like Him

He was feeling condemned to know that he was bullied and felt isolated for all these years. The hammer and tongs of social pressure and puberty seems to mold him into idiosyncratic isolation. 17 year old Austin Niehus was going though all these loneliness in life because he was born with a special genetic disorder called Goldenhar syndrome.

This rare syndrome impacts very few, roughly one out of every 3000 to 5000 births! This peculiar syndrome was discovered in 1952 and its called oculo- auriculo-vertebral spectrum.As its name goes the syndromes causes deformities in the ear, spine, eye and underdeveloped jawbones and cheekbones as well. Addition to that, individuals with Goldenhar syndrome often have distinct “look”- a look that opens the up to ridicule!

Knowing about this rare syndrome will give us a picture about the trauma this young boy was enduring in his life . He was facing ridicule from his peers until a group of strangers gathered to show Austin that “ he wasn’t alone”!The touching video show Austin and his family waits for a black SUV to see that special someone. And when he saw her he was surprised and convinced to believe the that “He was not alone”

12 year old Elena also had Goldenhar syndrome and meeting together ,they have made an instant connection and was happy to greet each other. “She’s awesome” She is the type of person you can be really , really good friends like , dang!” Austin said.

Thanks to the effort of television channel TLC in 2016, a very special someone showed up in the then-15 year old boy’s driveway! I don’t think he will never feel condemned to say “ I was bullied”!  Because, no matter how alone we might feel alone, there is always someone else out there in the world who understands exactly what we’re going through. And at the right time and at the right place God will make it happen!