Bus Driver Sees 6-Year-Old Girl Screaming For Help And Finds Her Mother Collapsed On Road

The Milwaukee Country MCTS bus drivers are very famous for their kindness.They often keep an eye over the wandering children and the distressed people on the streets, and reach out to them with their helping hand!

This time, a bus driver named Michelle Mixon was right there in time to help a 6 year old girl who cried out from the street “My mommy, My mommy”! She was knocking on her bus door to save her mommy who has fell down on the street with seizure! During the cold winter day the mother and child were walking in the sidewalks when the mother of this young girl fell right in front of the stopped bus. Fortunately the incident happened at the very red light where Mixon’s bus was stopped at 76th and Mill Road! The frightened girl was screaming and Nixon was quick to pick her up on her lap and comfort her!

The touching video shows the girl is knocking the door and the driver is immediately picking up the girl and placing her on the driver’s seat! She was holding the child and comforting her tightly into her arms! As they waited for the ambulance to come and pick her mom to safety ,Mixon was compassionate enough to understand her feelings and explained her the doctors will take care of her mother.

For Mixon this is one of the “memorable and emotional” experiences during her tenure with MCTS! But helping the community is repeated by many more bus drivers like Mixon….

We have another similar incident where a bus driver in Dayton, Ohio has helped a distressed woman from ending her life! Driver named, Damone Hudson was driving across the Main Street Bridge in downtown, when she glimpsed a stranger lady, who was about to commit suicide and the driver was quick enough to reach her by offering a loving hug to get her back from the rail!

Hudson instinctively stopped the bus and went towards this lady saying “Ma’am you look you’re having bad day,Can I give you a hug”” She just wanted to get her back from the rail..Eventually the Dayton police officers arrived and managed to bring the woman to safety!

Thank God for their kindness and the observational skills to save the needy people!

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