Bus Driver Gives Heartfelt Goodbye Gift To His Adorable 4-Year-Old Friend

Friendships with young kids are the most enjoyable relationship one can have in their life. Their innocent love and naughty talks makes everyone relaxed and happy .And when we have to say goodbye to them for any reason we end up in giving them many goodies . Bus driver  John Reed and , 4 year old Sebastiana Balisteri  are best friends for a long time! This little girl and the bus driver has very much in common, they are best friends as they travel together in the same route for many moths.

Every morning the Bus driver John Reed would pull up to Sebastiana’s bus stop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin .She will be ready to greet him with smiling, waving and jumping around on the sidewalk. In return , he would honk the bus horn and wave back! And over the course of the last few months, they have become best buddies!

Her mom wrote about her daughter’s special friendship on Facebook , saying” “Every morning, Sebastiana and I take the city bus to school and work.We try to always take the same bus because we made friends with the driver John.She is always super excited to see him and she always wishes him a good morning, and tells him the latest tidbit of news in her 4-year-old life. She wrote him a Valentine, and he gave her one too. They are best buddies.”

But when time comes for John to switch the bus routes, he knew that he was going to miss his favorite little passenger. Before he took charge of another route he has his best love packed up for the little one to say goodbye. He gave her a gift bag with a coloring book, a stuffed animal and a card with some touching words for his best baby!

His words in the card read “I can honestly say that over the past months, you have been my favorite li’l bus passenger. Your happy smile and warm ‘good mornings’ have brightened my everyday. I want to thank you for being a GREAT EXAMPLE for others to follow.”

How can we stop smiling over such adorable love story!