Kind Bus Driver Stops And Rushes To Help An Elderly Man Who Fell In The Snow

Milwaukee bus drivers are famous for their loving-kindness in helping the strangers and the needy out on their route. A bus driver named Kaniquka Jackson was driving near Bayshore Mall on a snow day where she saw a man who fell in the snow with his wheelchair on the roadside. She immediately raced out of her seat and rushed to the cold outside to help this needy with her great kindness!

The elderly man stepped into a snow bank and was slipping into the snow along with his wheel chair in hand! The footage shows the driver is picking up the elderly man from the snow and bringing him into her bus to a safe seat! She even carried his wheelchair and made sure he is carried safely in her bus.

Thank God for Kaniquka, who was right in time to extend such a great support to this stranger. Her esteemed service brings MCTS in highlights!

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