Bus Driver Makes A Special Stop Every Day Just To Feed A Stray Dog Who Waits For Her

A compassionate bus driver stops to feed a stray dog every day for the last two years and his incredible act of kindness is inspiring multitude!

A Canadian bus driver first saw this stray dog on her route two years ago. The emaciated hound had been pawing through trash cans to try and find something to eat! Ever since she saw this pup starving for food, she made sure to carry a bag full of dog food foe her new friend! She feeds the stray every day, no matter what the weather is or day is, she feeds her animal consistently!

The adorable video shows the dog is patiently waits for the bus to approach and as soon he sees the bus the happy pup welcomes its “driver”, who comes for the special delivery of food!

This kind bus driver is also a volunteer for Feed the Furbabies Canada – a nonprofit dedicated to feeding the stray animals! According to them, there are tons of stray animals in the area that are in need of a home and they are unable to accommodate all! They don’t have enough room in animal shelter to harbor them! However this particular one is fortunate to have a caring friend who feeds him every day!

The detail about this stray dog is still unknown, but its spectacular transformation under the wings of this kind bus driver is really heartwarming!!