This Angelic Rendition Of ‘When You Believe’ Will Send Chills Up Your Spine

“Did I not tell you that if you believe ;you will see the glory of God”?(John 11:40)

“When You Believe” is a beautiful music and lyrics from Stephen Schwarts which is performed by BYU Noteworthy. This Women’s chorus is a tribute to the combined power of faith in God! Acting as the children of Israel they are singing a Hebrew prayer of gratitude in multi language!

The children of Israel are a wonderful testimony for the living God in planet earth through their faith in their forefathers God!! As they have experienced the manifested glory of God in redeeming their life from the prince of Egypt, we, the spiritual Israel also related to God in a similar foundation to taste God’s goodness in a very tangible way by believing in Him! We who are redeemed be aware of this amazing truth and always posture our spirits in gratitude singing “In your love, You lead the people You have redeemed”!! !

“Has the LORD redeemed you? Then sing! Tell others He has redeemed you from your enemies”!(Psalm 107:2)