School Cafeteria Worker Feeds The Hungry After Lunch Hour Ends

School cafeteria worker, Debra Davis works hard feeding the students at Hoover High School. Even after the school lunch hour gets over she continue her cooking task to feed the homeless in the streets. She prepares meals to doles out a heaping help to the hungry and her great act kindness got the timely appreciation.

Auntie Debra, as she’s known in the school spares her time and money to prepare some healthy meals for those who are starving for the homely food. She then carries the meals in her old vehicle and distributes the same to almost 50 people on the streets.

Since she was so selfless, the school district invited her down to the auto shop to surprise her with friends and family. There they have gifted her a fabulous 2014 Mazda 3 car and the heartwarming video shows the joyous excitement of this kind woman.

For her, getting a vehicle is a blessing to continue her mission.

“I was looking for my reward in heaven and y’all gave me a little bit here on Earth,”  

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