Caregiver Helps Elderly Woman Break Out Of Nursing Home For Christmas

This elderly woman feels so lonely as she sits all alone in her room looking at that old picture of her house she lived in from so many years ago. She does not have a family to visit her and lit up some Christmas spirit! She is reminiscing about her life during Christmas time before she was living in the nursing homeā€¦

Thank God! There was one kind heart that was taking note of her lonely feelings and wished for a way to bring her some joyous Christmas moments! This caretaker helped the elderly lady to get dressed in her warn coat, hat and scarf and the two of them went for little walk in the snow. They walked on a sidewalk that led to little house tucked away behind the gate lit up with Christmas lights..She just pulled out the picture of the house which the elderly lady used to carry with her. This caregiver was astonished to see that they were at the same house she used to live in. It looks like it was filled with so much of joy and love just as she remembered.Watch! True happiness is contagious!