This Adorable Daddy-Son Storytime Video Will Melt Your Heart

Little boy is happily having his story time with Daddy, a tale about Noah and his ark of animals and the boy is so quick in identifying all the animals in the story. The adorable video shows the toddler Isaiah is cheering with his daddy and identifying the names of each animals in the page and says it loudly , lion, zebra, bat, giraffe..

The Grammy winner Carrie Underwood is happily sharing the video clip of her son’s story time with her husband in the social media with a catchy caption …“Story time with Daddy…learning about Noah..and my heart melts”.

Carrie is now recovering from the injuries as she had a fall on the steps outside her home and underwent surgeries for a broken wrist and faced upwards of 50 stitches for face injuries! Thank God, she is back and updating her health progress with her fans and also sharing a bit of adorable moments from her son’s mastering animal kingdom story to melt many more hearts!

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