How This Brave Cat Crossing The Street In Traffic Is A Safety Reminder For Everyone

A furry pedestrian is on the news for his brilliant way of crosswalk in traffic! This smart cat patiently waits for the coast to be clear for him to walk across the crosswalk without getting ran over. Watching this cat crossing the road in such care is so amazing and it really astonished a human to share it for all of us to see!

Justin was driving down on the street on a fine day, where he met this genius cat who was following the traffic rules in its perfection! Approaching a crosswalk he stopped his vehicle as a driver should do, just in case a pedestrian needed to walk across the road. But he was stunned to see the “uncommon pedestrian” who was waiting there to cross over!

The brilliant video shows a smart furry is waiting for the vehicle to stop and when it came to a complete stop, the cat walked right across the painted crosswalk. What a smart kitty,seems he knows all the traffic rules better than human pedestrians!

Justin Scrutton was driving down the road when his dashboard camera captured this unbelievable scene.