Widow Carries On Husband’s Good Deed, People Pay It Forward

Despite dealing with the grief of losing her husband, Velvet is honoring her husband in the best way. Her husband Charlie Poveromo suddenly died of a heart attack at the age of 57. The dignified widow is making sure to carry on his compassionate tradition and people across the nation have started putting out their coolers to honor her husband!

Charlie and Velvet was married for 37 years. He was a devoted husband and a bustling homeowner. Moreover, Charlie was an extraordinarily kind person for the community! When the temperature at Milford, New Jersey reached its peak eight years ago, he spotted several garbage men working outside of his home. They looked pale, sweaty, and exhausted. Charlie immediately grabbed several cups of cold water, ushered the men into the shade and gave it to them.

Charlie put a cooler outside of his house filled with ice, bottled water, orange juice and Gatorade to make sure that the laborers always had something to drink in the hot temperature.  He keep the cooler all the 5 days a week and many people, including garbage men, fireman,police officers and construction workers would pass by his house for a drink!

So after the death of Charlie, Velvet decides to continue the same tradition to honor her beloved husband. She does it so dearly that along with the drinks and breakfast treats she also put up a photo of her husband and a sign that reads “In case you were unaware, my husband Charlie passed away suddenly at age 57 on March 10th. I will do my best to continue to provide bottled water.”

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