Cheerleader’s ‘Promposal’ To Her Disabled Friend Will Warm Your Heart

She firmly believes that “Everyone should be treated like the beautiful kings and queens,” and decided to ask for a prom date with her special friend in wheel chair.  Cheerleader, Keyonna Moore said she wanted to “to show him that he matters and give him the attention and kindness that he deserves” and reached out to him with the “promposal”!

The cheerleader from Washington D.C, Keyonna Moore already had a date to prom, but she wanted to give a chance to one of his friend  named, Yuan Malik Barbour, who had never been to a school dance before. Tyuan was born with several disabilities and recently got transferred to Anacostia High School. Moore and Barbour became close friends in a short time and she decided to make a difference in the life of her special need friend!

The beautiful video shows the teenager is walking with a purple and white sign and balloons through her school corridor to ask Barbour the ‘big question of the season’. When Barbour who was confined in the wheelchair realizes that Moore is headed towards him; he was excited with a joyful heart! His face was priceless and his melting heart made the “promposal” bright and unique for the internet to fall In love with them.

When their heartwarming story went viral in the internet, many people have come forward offering ways to help the couple get ready for their dance!! Just like them we are also happy to see your happiness! Have a “great dance day”!

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