Chick-fil-A Cashier Saves Customer’s Forgotten Change For Weeks And Surprises Him

“I’m called to serve these people well, not only because of my job but who I am. This has pushed me to act in ways where I wouldn’t naturally,” amazing words of a dignified Chick-fil-A employee! Marcus Henderson, an ordinary employee who works as a cashier in a Chick -Fil store becomes extraordinary by his sincere act of kindness!

For his customer Danny Cadra, leaving some change behind the billing counter after buying  something was quiet normal. But getting that small penny back after many weeks from the cashier was simply unbelievable! It was all because of the righteous act of a sincere cashier, who holds on to his customers change for weeks until he meets his customer again and returned it!

Marcus Henderson, the cashier holds this left out money $3 in an envelope and brought it with him to work every single day expecting to give it back to its rightful owner!  For Marcus this was all part of his duty and he explained the same “It was basically a part of my uniform. It was my name tag, my hat, my apron and I just put it in my back pocket, just in case today might be the day where I see him,”!

Infact the customer  was breathing a fresh air of sincerity and kindness through Marcus. Eventhough, this change didn’t make difference into his pocket but the thoughtfulness of the the employee returning the change was worth more than the forgotten money! He is even glad to say about this new experience “ It meant that much to him, so it meant even that much more to me. Now its friendship to last a life time”

Now Cadra, his daughter and Marcus is all planning to meet up outside of a Chick-Fil- A location to celebrate their new friendship!