Devoted Dog Waits 12 Hours Everyday At Train Station For His Owner To Come Home

The heartwarming video shows a loyal dog is waiting patiently at the railway station to receive his owner. He waits every day for almost 12 hours so that he can give a fresh greetings to his owner.

The dog named, Xiongxiong, which is the Chinese word for “bear” spends over 12 hours a day waiting at the station for his owner to get back from his work. His owner named Mr Chen takes the train from Liziba metro station in Chongqing’s Yuzhong district of southwest China. Sine they lives at down the road nearby the station, this 15 year old dog will saunter down to the station every morning and plop down on the pavement for his long watch. And when he see his owner he is much excited and happy to go with him.

“He is always happy when he sees me, which makes me very happy too,” he added. “Xiongxiong always manages to make me less tired from work.”

The video is now winning hearts of millions in the internet and the reserved senior ‘canine bear’ is regarded as a ‘jubilant puppy’ who is excited to see his owner. The devoted dog is happy to see his owner at the end of the day and he can be seen wagging his tail, barking happily and energetically trot alongside his master!

What a great bond between a human and a dog! It’s truly incredible and I love to see them together always!