Choirs Singing National Anthem From Every Single Floor Of Hotel Will COVER You In Chills

Hearing national anthem in any point in time will bring goosebumps to any proud citizen of that country! It can be a powerful  experience to sing the National Anthem within a large group and witnessing such event will be a unique opportunity in life!

Garrett Mager was in Louisville, Kentucky , when he experienced what he described as a “Proud American Moment” at the Hyatt Regency Louisville! Mager was sleeping in his room and this indistinguishable noise, which sounded like a familiar “Star Spangled Banner” woke him up from his sleep to check out what is happening around!

The stunning rendition  of the song was loudly sung by a talented choir group who were staying at the the same hotel. The Kentucky State Choir Finals schools were staying at Hyatt Regency and this stunning National Anthem was a surprise treat from that choir team !On this Feb 7 , they have decided to sing the National Anthem together on every single floor on this hotel !After the song was over , you can hear the crowd chanting “USA” USA”!

Wonderful to see the country’s national anthem is highlighted in positive and powerful way and feel proud to witness it once again!The stunning video was so quick to reach internet with a caption from Mager saying “feeling patriotic”, and  is now touching millions with its patriotic vibes!