Teen Singing Christian Songs Mashup Will Light Up Your Day

“You are the salt of the earth..You are the light of the world”(Math 5:13-14)

Talented young girl singing the beautiful Christian songs will make your heart to overflow in Godly passion. Lina Frances sung the Lauren Daigle’s ‘Salt and Light’ and Nicole Nordeman’s ‘To Know You’ in a most powerful way. Her mashup cover will help you to know more about our Lord’s love in redeeming us and making us as the salt and light for the world!

The world which is covered with various hues of the activities of darkness are still in a position to see things , just because we who are the light of the world is still around! And our “saltness” seasons the good things from decaying and disappearing from the earth. Since we are in the Lord, the origin of Light and Salt,we can see the Kingdom of God shining around us. And our hearts will always longs to reveal ‘The Source Of Light And Life’ to all mankind to receive salvation!

Let’s be part of the mission in spreading the love of Christ and the redeeming power in His name to the entire nations! Let’s be ready to shine forth for the glory of His Kigdom! God bless you all!