Stranger Surprises Struggling Restaurant Owner With Incredibly Selfless Christmas Gift!

A beautiful story marking the great season with all its true essence in sharing with the needy! Michelle Perrault put all her money into her new Mediterranean –style restaurant name Ro Ro and her dream of opening the restaurant came true. Even though the restaurant’s reviews were great she had fallen behind on payments while her business was slow and paying off her car loan was a real struggle for Perrault!

Ruthy Shemanski, manager of City Market came to know about her financial hardship while trying to collect her rent and wanted to help with her car payments since she had expressed her concern over this delayed car payments. Greg Buzzard, owner of That Guy’s BBQ wanted to help his fellow business owner, Michelle Perrault in a big way in this Big Season! This caring person, Buzzard gave her a bank receipt on Dec 1, showing her car loan of $3,000 had been paid off! Overwhelmed in surprise she really broke out in tears.

On Dec 7 an act of kindness was extended to the Buzzard family over a paid lunch with a loving note that read “God bless your family. You are amazing”!! Both the families received their unexpected blessings and we wish you both a bumper crops in your business and lots of such heartwarming events ahead!