Neighbors Set Up Amazing Light And Display For Little Boy Battling Cancer

Touching story of a boy who has always been a light for others and they honored him back with lots of colorful lights around him at a time when he needed it most! This Illinois boy is fighting cancer from 2016 and the heavy medications side effects left him with limited mobility and a diminishing spirit!

Benicio Martinez, a 12 year old boy was in news for shaving his head to raise money for childhood cancer research, but just a day’s later this Park Ridge boy found out he himself had a brain tumor. To boost his spirit and help raise money for the St.Baldrick’s charity that means so much to him, Benny’s neighbors are doing this wonderful lightshow bringing a local tradition closer to home!

Benny has always loved light displays and his family shows him videos and photos of this incredible act of solidarity and he communicates through his facial expressions showing he is very happy with it! Gruseckis light display is divided into three parts and at one stage, ”Benicio Strong” is displayed across the home’s roof!

Realizing what’s important and how everyday is a gift, the loving neighbor, Tom Grusecki said “This kid is an absolute warrior – he’s an angel and a warrior – He’s united so many people in this ..Its been really rewarding”-St Baldrick’s Foundation’s “Light the Way “page, created by Gruseckis is raising money for Benny. To donate, click here