Single Mom Pizza Delivery Driver Breaks Down In Tears After Church Honors Her With Incredible Tip

A church was generous enough to honor a pizza delivery lady with $ 1800 tip during a church service. Because the Church pastor wants to set a paragon to encourage his congregation in honoring people around!

Last Sunday the church pastor Wilfredo De Jesus ordered a pizza with the intentions of surprising the delivery person in an uncommon way! When Monique Hall arrived with the order, the pastor invited her on the stage and presented her a $100 tip.Then the pastor asked the church members to join with him. He asked some 10 to 12 people to come and give her some tips to encourage honoring people. But almost all the congregation came forward with their token of love.

Overwhelmed with emotions this single mother was struggling to hide her tears! Hall was always in struggle to make ends meet and was deeply touched by this true love. Breaking down in tears of joy she says “I definitely wasn’t expecting it, but I knew that I had been struggling for a long time being a single parent…so when they did that, I was overwhelmed and was shocked. I felt so loved by them…”

In addition to the incredible tip, Hall was given a bible and also the whole congregation prayed for her. During the prayer the Pastor said “we want to let you know that , here at New Covenant Church, that whether you have a church to worship in or not, we want you to know that you’re welcome here. You’ll always remember this day that you were marked by God. It could have been any other restaurant, any other person, but it was you!”

And I am sure; the special prayer for this precious soul is received at heaven with an answer packed in it! And she is even glad to share her tips with her co workers with this loving message attached with it!

Honor People

For the month of February, we have been challenging our church to honor people. So Pastor Wilfredo De Jesús ordered a pizza with intentions of surprising the delivery person. She walked on stage and was clueless of what was going on. Hope you enjoy this video. Please share to spread the message of honoring people. #mynewlifeorg

Posted by New Life Covenant Church on Monday, February 26, 2018