9-Year-Old Boy Opens A Coffee Shop For People With Special Needs

A special coffee shop is located at 930S, Broad St. in Winston Salem, to support people with special needs! And this unique coffee shop is started by a 9 year old boy and his mom and their coffees are brewed from heartache! On Wednesday morning when most kids were enjoying their school time, 9 year boy Camden Myers and his mom are settling into the grand opening of their new coffee shop!

Camden and his mother Latasha Barr-Lewis has a touching story to start up this new venture.Camden was suffering from traumatic brain injury when he was born and it impacted his speech and motor skills. Having this deficiency in the child, the mother had to struggle to get him the special education needs. Unfortunately she was given with a touching experience from her son’s school which made her to think about starting something special for this special child!

“A little over a year ago, we both were in a car crying because we were asked to leave school because the school didn’t have resources to support him. Fast forward a year later, we are now a resource for students like him.”. She explains..

Cam who loves coffee and enjoy making different flavors of coffee dreams to have a bigger coffee shop of his own. But for the mom, the dream is much bigger with lots of loving kindness and passions attached with it. She loves to help many kids who has special needs like her own son . So she hope to expand to somewhere with classroom space and training rooms to  provide job training and employment opportunities for people with special needs.

“We don’t want to be a coffee shop. We want to be an experience. We want to be a community partner,” Barr-Lewis says!!

I am sure her unique vision in serving the society with such great enthusiasm will flourish in its desired level!