Soldier Gets Deployed Before He Can Finish Painting His House, Then 40 College Students Does Something Incredible

Salina area Technical College Students are a paragon for the upcoming generations! Though they are not earning money being students, they are ready to share what they have, “their Time” for the community welfare!

Salina resident, William Cookson – a deployed soldier – recently started painting his house. Before the work completion he got his transfer order to move to Kuwait with his Kansas Army National Guard unit!

The military affairs council at the Salina chamber of commerce got to know about this unfinished job and approached the instructors at Diesel Technology College authorities seeking help to paint this soldiers house! Mike Parker, the Diesel Instructor volunteered his 40 students for helping in the painting work .These technology students were so happy to get this kind of opportunity to serve the needy saying “Not a lot of us students got lot money, but we have a lot of time, so, this is the easiest and the most thoughtful way of giving back”. The college Vice President, Stephani Johns is rightfully molding her students with right skills professionally, and delivering the perfect citizens for the society! Well Done Students!!”Caring and Honoring a Service Man”!!

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