College Students Rushes Into Burning Building And Saves 90-Year-Old Man

Two college students are being praised for saving a 90 year old man from his burning home in Camden, New Jersey. After spending the evening time with other students at Rutgers University, two of the students were about to leave to their home. As they were leaving the house around midnight, they saw a duplex house down the street had caught in fire. As they saw the flames engulfed the historic structure at 2006 Cooper Street, they were quick in action to save a precious life from burning alive!

They have alerted their other friends to the situation before they ran down the building and starting their rescue mission!The two students, Tammy Meneses and Venessa Solis Palma started banging on doors , rattling the fences and yelling that there was fire. Meanwhile Solis has dialed 911 and her friend Corey Zytko alerted the nearby campus security officer.

Resanovic broke the front door window with his elbow and rushed inside. He ran up to the third floor to try and save 62 year old Parker, unfortunately he was too late to save him!Resanovic went further ahead and break unto the front door and get into the second floor were an old man was sleeping inside. Resanovic and Solis –Palma guided him downstairs and brought this 90 year old Mr. Parker to safety.

By the time the fire fighters arrived and managed to control the fire in under 30 minutes, the students left the scene!These “Good Samaritans” were hesitant about coming forward to take credit for their heroism. School officials started a search for these citizens who considered the community and other people and safety over themselves.

After their names were made public, Zytko simply told that the rescue was “Fire 101. You’re taught as a kid gets everyone out of the building, knock all the doors. I was just going with it”!

Such an incredible act of bravery which is yet to get spread like a fire!