Colorblind Teacher Is Surprised With Glasses In front Of Students And Sees Color For The First Time

Romps of Garrison Elementary School in Dover, New Hampshire is a favorite teacher of his students. Unfortunately he is  colorblind and had never seen the real beauty of colors in his life. Two times in a year, this fun loving teacher used to conduct free boot camp for all his students and they all enjoy it. After each boot camp, the students give him a thank you note to appreciate him. But after the last camp on November, the students decided to give him a colorful thank you note. With the help of a second grade student, William Duffel and his mom they bought a new EnChroma glasses to gift their teacher.

The beautiful video shows the students surprising their beloved teacher with a very special gift which he never expected and sees color for the very first time.

Teacher Surprised With Enchroma Glasses From Students

His students gave the most amazing gift!! 😀❤

Posted by Alltime 10s on Sunday, July 15, 2018

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