Colorblind Teacher Sees Colors For The First Time, Thanks To His Students

Students know the best way to extend gratitude for their favorite teachers! And when they do it, the teacher will be glad to say …”I’ve been convinced that I teach the greatest students on the planet for a long time”! The heartwarming video shows the students are surprising their teacher, who is a colorblind, with lots of colors. They have gifted him a special pair of glasses that revealed colors for the first time!

Hopkins is a teacher at Mountain Island Day Community Charter School in Charlotte. Just few months ago a group of students from his school devised a plan and bought an Enchroma glasses worth around $ 400 for their teacher. They just wanted to convey their hearty regards to the teacher showing..

” You’ve made our lives brighter, and we’ve made yours more colorful”

How he sees the color of love and nature in one go with great excitement and joy will make you feel happy for him. Truly, his joyful screams are the best display of his happiness in realizing the love of his students!

“To all the students, staff and parents involved “He wrote in his face book page“Thank you for adding a little color and a whole lot of love to my life”

Posted by Trent Hopkins on Friday, May 4, 2018