A Community Of Farmers Pull Together To Harvest Their Late Mate’s Last Crop

Neighbors help neighbors!! Van Brownlee,an academically talented and a dedicated farmer who loves the soil, cares his community and the family was a great man who wished “people to think good about him  …Always”!! At the age of 58 he died of a heart attack after he finished planting his crop in a portion of 500 acre farm land of his own! After this heavy loss of losing her loving husband, Lisa Brownlee had no idea how to gather the harvest in its time from this 235 acres of land combining corn and soy beans!

But their neighbors, the real good community of 3 dozen farmers who holds a high regard for Van Brownlee and honoring his community credibility swarmed to Brownlee’s fields with combines, grain carts and semis to bring in his last crop from this 235 acres of land plantation! This was something Van would have done for his neighbors, his friend Steve Downs proudly says.

I am sure Van Brownlee was a great farmer but the community which he belongs to stand out as the “Best Outstanding Performers” for their extraordinary supports and proper cooperation in timely needs! Despite having their own farm work to get attended they all came forward gaining this high recognition! Witnessing this story we feel proud of such neighbors and are thankful for their humble hearts!

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