Construction Worker Walks 300 Miles To Help Single Mother He’s Never Met Before

29-year-old, Brian Sebok’s act of kindness is bringing hope to a single mother, whom he’s never met before. Brian made a 300 mile trek from New Jersey to Boston to raise money for Nichole Snyder, so she can make her home accessible and keep custody of her son.

It was quiet unfortunate for Nichole Synder when she got hit by a rare condition on April 7, 2015. She was driving to work on a seemingly normal day and all of a sudden her vision got blurry and felt tingly. After undergoing a series of testes, she was diagnosed with MS (Multiple sclerosis). Her disease, progressing rapidly moved her from physical therapy to a walker and now to a wheel chair! The sudden disaster changed her life forever, and the single mother of 7-year-old son, shared her touching story on Facebook. And by God’s grace her heartbreaking cry reach to the right ear, a construction worker who decided to take matters into his own hands!

“I feel like walking 300 miles for a good cause,” Brian said about Nichole Snyder campaign. He could secure $5,000 for Synder and still walking with his kind mission, asking good Samaritans to continue to give to her cause.

What a great way to care for helpless people and his kind gesture of love will move you.

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