Cops Escort Fallen Officer’s Son To First Day Of School

It was the toughest first day back to school for a young boy, who lost his father a week ago! But thank God, he wasn’t alone; a group of police officers came to Sullivan Elementary School in Indiana to escort Dakota to school. And their kind gesture of love was the best consolation and support to back him up to go forward in life!

5 year old Dakota Pitt’s father, Rob Pitts, was a police officer at the Terre Haute Police Department in Indiana. Unfortunately, the 16 year veteran was killed in the line of duty .His five year old son was left alone and when it was time for him to go to school, he really missed his father. That’s when he asked him mom if one of his dad’s friends could drive him to school for his first day back.

When the local law enforcement heard about Dakota’s request, they were more than happy to oblige. And instead of one, a battalion of officer’s came to escort the school boy! When he returned to school on Monday, there were 70 police officers, SWAT members and deputies there to welcome him.

The heartwarming video shows the boy is getting the well deserved regard from his dad’s friends. They were there to assure him that they had his back and they have even given him his dad’s police badge. Wearing the badge around his neck, the boy made his first day in school! It’s really heartwarming to witness such great gesture of honor for someone special!