Cop Stops Addicted Homeless Man On The Street And Changes His Life With A BOOK!

Even in the darkest hour of our life God can reach out with Hope and Life in various manner!!The Book -BIBLE- is all about it!  A young man named Morris was hopelessly walking on the street was given with a Bible by a Police Officer is an amazing testimony of a kind savior witnessing his Master’s commandment! “ Love your neighbor as you love yourself”

When Deputy Cops, Holman saw Morris walking through the rain late on that night, he was kind enough to stop at him looking at his sorry shape! Morris was in a pathetic condition, living in a tent in the woods after he had spiraled into addictions and alcoholism following the death of his mother, father and sister! Though he has two surviving siblings, he had lost contact with them!

Walking together they had a long talk and sat down in front of the church in Greenville, South Carolina! Morris explained how the floodwaters has taken his tent away and he had nowhere to go. This kind Cops asked him if he needed anything , he said , “Yeah I need a Bible”! Holman, who usually used to carries around several of Christian books in the trunk of his squad car, had only one book at that point in time! That too his personal Bible with lots of emotional attachments to give it off! But he felt like God saying to him “Morris needs this more than you do” and he choose to go with God’s will!

I mark this God ordained encounter was a life giving turning point to Morris! He was inspired to check into an institution, recovered from his addictions and reconnected with his siblings! He did even come back to convey his gratitude and regards to Deputy Holman leaving a recorded message at the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office crediting Holman for saving his life! A police officer really made a difference in this homeless man!

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