She Was Praying For A Child, Then She Found An Abandoned Baby Alone In Truck Bed

Holding her 7 months adopted son Caleb Charlie Nichols, Lorraine Nichols chooses to believe that “God has made everything beautiful in its time”! Nichols and her husband had been trying to adopt a child, since the natural conception was not possible for Lorraine. However God was gracious to answer her in the most miraculous way.On May 2017, baby Charlie was found in the back of a pickup truck and brought in to TMH where Lorraine cared for him as respiratory therapist! At that time ,at that moment itself, she knew that this baby was the answer from God and she believed that “ I became his mommy”!

That chilly May 6 morning, a week old baby was curled up in the bed of a Nissan pick-up truck found abandoned! All alone in the chilled cold, he was without a hat, a blanket or a name, was helplessly crying! While walking through the parking lot of Meridian Apartments on High Road, a college student who drawn by the sound of hushed cries, discover him in the truck! The student called the police at 8.26 Am and the police team along with the paramedics rushed to rescue this orphaned child!

God in his divine power ordain things at the right place at the right time is once again proved here. As s supervisor, Nichols works wherever she’s needed throughout the region’s largest hospital and on 6th May morning she happened to be working in ER! Observing the child, Nichols, a respiratory therapist for 18 years, said he was hypothermic, his body temperature was dangerously low and an intense care was in need for the baby! Caring for the child, she fall in love with the baby and  longed to be a mother like “Whiskey Doe”, the computer name the hospital has given to this child!

Nichols is a two time breast cancer survivor had spent tens of thousands of dollars on IVF before they were advised to stop trying as the hormones could bring back the cancer! Since then they were trying for adoption and now knowing that she has the right answer in her hand, she called her husband and told him about the abandoned child!

Rest is all history as the  baby arrived abandoned at TMH returned to his new home with a new identity as Caleb Charlie Nichols. He arrived at Nichol’s four bedroom northeast Tallahassee house on May 10 and the little boy is happily growing up and will never face the cold again!

Filled with lots of love and compassion, she continues to pray for Charlie’s birth mother, who nourished Charlie with her breast milk! Overwhelmed in love she just wants to ensure that the divine message may reach to the mother to let her know that her baby is in good hands and w’ll have a good life !