Loving Couple Adopts 6 Blind And Special Needs Children After Struggling To Conceive

One great couple from Virginia gave life to six blind and special needs children by adopting them. The loving couple, Joe and Karen Bartling was happy to welcome these new children to fulfill the desire of having a big family of their own!

Despite having a biological son named Joel, the couple always wished to have a big family. They tried to have more children through IVF and when that also failed, they decided to go for adoption. That’s when the couple heard about Hannah who was abandoned in South Korea. 2-year-old Hannah was born without eyes due to a developmental disorder and they adopted her. Several years later they adopted Abi from India and David from China. Later on Obed Josiah and Bethany joined their family!

“It’s challenging but rewarding,” Joe said. “We never imagined this would happen – I never in my wildest dreams imagined we would be in a lifestyle with special needs young adults.”

Now the happy couple is thoroughly enjoying each and every moment with their children and their story is quite inspiring! They are living in Oakton with their six kids -Hannah, 23, David,18, Bethany, 18, Jesse 17, Abi 17 and Obed 12.