Couple Weds Again After Husband Forgets They’re Married

No matter whatsoever it may be the name of the decease you call, the true love can never be erased and it conquers all!

 68 year old Michael Joyce, who is struggling with Alzheimer was true to its meaning when he proposed to his wife Linda after he forgot that they had already been married for 34 years .

From 2010 onwards, he was battling with this deceases and struggles to remember day to day events.All of a sudden one night he woke  up with an immense love and wanted to say something! Holding his hand the wife asked him “what is it my darling, what are you trying to tell me “. With tears filled eyes and with a stutter he said ” will you marry me”??His wife was stunned to see how he was able to remember his proposal for the entire week after popping the question!

Linda who is a 64 year old Auckland resident said she was amazed to the excitement of her husband for their wedding day and on the day of their ceremony he woke up and told her “ Today’s the day”.Of course , the last week the happy couple got married for the second time at Hamilton in New Zealand !

“We are devoted to each other forever and I’ll love him until the end of time.Love truly conquers all” ..Linda was filled with emotions!

A legendary romance is depicted in “The Notebook” is reloaded in a new version and we all are fortunate to watch it again!