Incredibly Talented Couple Playing The Guitar At The Same Time Will Drop Your Jaw

This couple is playing their guitar in a way we seldom see in our life is incredibly awesome! Playing guitar with four hands and single “heart”, which takes some extraordinary skill to get it accomplish! Cecilia and Fernando has done it perfectly!

This guitar duo Siqueira Lima is made up of Cecilia and Fernando. This amazingly talented couple is very famous for their duo guitar performance. Watching them playing a well known Brazilian song called “Tico Tico” will blow your mind! The dynamic duo is cheering up their friends as the couple is perfect in their hand and eye coordination! The most difficult technique is seamlessly flowed through their heart and mind and soul!

Each strum and pick is marvelously flowing as their fingers dance up and down with the guitar strings! The sweet couple has truly impressed all of us with a pleasant performance! Stay tuned and enjoy the play!

Duo Siqueira Lima

Goals. 🎸

(via Duo Siqueira Lima & The Guitar Coop)

Posted by Classic FM on Sunday, 7 January 2018

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