Couple Reunites After 50 Years And Finds Baby They Gave Up for Adoption

Certain family reunions are meant to be highlighted just because the amount of love involved in it! Forceful separation for 50 years and longing to see each other for such long time makes the reunion so special to speak about it! Reunion of this couple after 50 years and they are finding their baby which they gave up for adoption is a heartwarming love story which is highlighted in all the hearts!

Dennis and Karen were in High school, when they met each other and fell madly in love, back in 1950’s. But their romance didn’t stay for more than 5 years because Karen became pregnant and her parents strictly stopped her from seeing Dennis again!Karen getting pregnant in high school time itself was a big challenge for the family and keeping her child with them was the most difficult case for them to cover up!Finally they have decided that adoption would be the best option for all involved!

Dennis who loves her so much never wanted to end up in such movement and he tried to propose in an attempt to save the relationship and grow their family together. However he too was restricted with a firm “NO “ by all the adults in their lives !Finally their baby girl named Jean was put up for adoption and the two have separated each other for long 50 years!

Eventually Dennis went off to join army and Karen continued her studies! Even though they have missed each other so deeply, they never spoke again,but dreamed about the beautiful life that they could’ve shared each other.Dennis have even tried reaching her dad to make a way out, however his attempt was failed.

Finally ,this old man’s glimmer of hope becomes a reality when he could see Karen’s profile on LinkedIn.On October 25, 2014, one of his friends asked him to join LinkedIn and on the process he immediately searched for his sweetheart Karen through LinkedIn and have her on the 3rd line.

Immediately he has contacted his long awaited lover and in NO time, they both turned out to be single as the two lovebirds got married by that Thursday itself! Having his sweet bride in his arms once again, Dennis was overwhelmed in tears of joy…but he still missed his baby girl and said “I found you and now my life would be complete if we found our daughter”!

By the grace of God they could locate their 55 year old daughter and this amazing reunion was nothing short of a miracle from God! Full of tears, smiles, and laugh this happy family is now become a living testimony for “love that endures forever”!

Now without any barrier, Dennis, Karen and Jeanie is spreading their love story with all the people and you may please grab some tissues!