Coworkers Learns Sign Language And Surprises Their Deaf Colleague On Her Birthday

Making someone feel special is the best side of pure love and that too when we can make it up on some special occasions like birthday,which will shoot up  their joy in multiples! Here a team of coworkers gathered together to make a special birthday bash for one of their precious colleague who is a deaf lady! They went an extra mile to learn brand new language to sing her Happy Birthday in a way that was specially created to her!

Group of employees at Weight Watchers UK worked in secret to learn how to sing Happy Birthday, and on this February 9th they all have lined up around the desk of their colleague and sung the wishes in a stunning and surprised way! The heartwarming video shows that all of Taiba’s friends in the finance department gathered around singing that special 26th Happy Birthday Song for Taiba Shan!

This kind of sweet gestures of love will be the best gift one can receive in the most auspicious day like Birthday! Let’s wish Taiba the best wishes with lots of love and fun ahead!