Coworkers Surprises Hardworking Teen With A New Car

Most teenagers get their first car form their parents, but this 19 year old boy Robinson received his first from his caring co-workers as a gift on his 19th birthday! With the snowy winter weather around the corner, employees at Glastender Inc wanted to make sure their co-worker didn’t have to pedal his bike to get to the work . So they enriched him with such a costly blessing!

Mcgrandy an engineering technician at Glastender is one of the people who spearheaded the effort to get Robinson a car; within a couple of weeks they had arranged the money to find him a car and gifted him at the right day! Such  a great loving kindness that the employees and the employer all came forward to help Robinson who lives alone and started working with them about 6 months ago, gifting a car; paying the car insurance and helping him in passing the driving test!

Robinson is really happy working with this caring family and wants to continue with Glastender then go to college for further study! Great people and great life!