Man Plays Accordion To Cows And They Really Love It

Music is an amazing blessing from God for all its creations! The entire creations respond to music and enjoy it. A herd of cows rushing over to hear accordion music played by a man at Germany is the live evidence for the same.

The video shows that the talented musician Don Bitterlich in Garmisch, Germany is playing his accordion and the cows are gathered around him enjoying the music!

All over the world, the power of music is utilized for many good purposes and the farm houses are often played with light music to help the animals to relax! Today’s dairy farms are noisy and busy places, what with all the clanking of cow bells and the swooshing sound of the automated milkers. That entire racket can stress them out and a stressed cow is not a productive cow! A pleasant “music therapy” is widely used by the dairy farmers for their milk producing bovines! In fact the University of Leichester in England discovered that cows like slow music very much, and the same cause the production of milk with a 3% increase!

If you haven’t tried the magical power of music over your cows, just go and give a chance! I am sure that soothing music will release some extra owns of milk in your bucket!