Woman Responds To Craigslist Ad And Saves A Man’s Life

A kind woman, Jessica Morris donated her kidney to an ailing man, David Nicherie who posted a Craigslist ad seeking a suitable donor!  Her timely intervention that saved his life, made him to feel like an ‘Angel’ has come down to help him!

Nicherie suffers from an autoimmune disease and was under daily dialysis to sustain his life. He was in search for a life saving kidney, and was several years down on the kidney donation list. However he was fortunate enough to get an answer from Morris, when he was about to move to hospice.

30-year-old Morris is a medical technician from Newport Beach, and when they met in person they were glad to find a lot in common. Both she and Nicherie was born in the same hospital in Orange County and to their surprise her kidney was a perfect match for him!

On last Tuesday, at UCSF’s Parnassus campus, the transplantation surgery has done and both of them are doing good and recovering. Despite being a risky decision ,it was quiet heartwarming to see that Morris was not all hesitant to go ahead and help a complete stranger with the best thing! And all she has to say about this is , she really feels good and proud to save a man from dying…

“Really in David’s case, if I didn’t intervene he may have died.” Morris Said!

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