This Crossing Guard Not Only Directs Traffic But Also Lives

He smiles a lot and is busy in spreading the smiles to the millions! 66 year old crossing guard from Wilmington is happily shaping the lives of people for every day from past 19 years and he does it for free!

Earl Tate has dedicated his life in volunteering as a cross guard in one of the  Northeast Wilmington for almost 20 years. Every school day this man will be there to greet the kids and have fun with them. He stands on the corner of 26th and Jessup Street and plays a hand slapping game with the kids as they waits for the school bus! And the kids are very happy saying “he’s the best”

Every day he gets up at 4.30 a.m and from 6 to 8:15 a.m, he helps high schoolers, middle school students and all his “little ones” to start their day in the best way! He teaches the sign language , challenges them to race each other to burn off their energy and improvises, creating rhymes with their names and he often plays “hot hands” with the children!He even performs his impressions of Elmo, Fat Albert, Mickey Mouse etc. Spring time he brings the jump ropes and dumbbells to keep the young people busy while they wait for the bus!

During this short time he enjoys his role as more than a steward and he is happy with it! He is becoming much younger with his extraordinary service!And Its all because ha has a lot of love to give it! “If we don’t know how to receive it, we wont learn how to give it out” He is true in his statement!

We wish to have many more Earl Tate in every part of this world to make the life more meaningful !

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