Grocery Store Clerk Receives Incredible Act Of Kindness From Customers

A grocery store clerk is regarded by his customers for the great service he has extended them for the past 30 years. The delighted customers are banding together to help out Jim Johnson who was always there to support them with a big smile. Now after losing his transportation to work, Customers who knows Johnson for years, is raising thousands of dollars to help him with a new transportation facility.

Jim Johnson has been a courtesy clerk at Bel Air in Roseville, California. Over the years he has become quite popular with the customers of the neighbourhood stores. Long ago, this veteran’s car’s engine blew up while driving and he wasn’t able to afford to repair it. Instead he bought a bike for his commute to work. Unfortunately, recently his bike got stolen while he was at his work.

The news of him losing the bike got spread through the community and almost instantly one customer donated a bike to Johnson. “He’s always very helpful”. One Bel Air customer named Elly said and she also knew that they could still do more for him. So Elly started a GoFundMe for Johnson with the goal of a $8,000 to help him either repair his car or buy a reliable used one!

“If you’ve ever been through real hard times, you know how much it means when someone offers you a hand up,” the GoFundMe says.

Within a week they could collect $5,000. And when Johnson found out about this kind gesture of love ,he just couldn’t believe it!

“It surprised me,” he said. “I just thought I was doing my job.”

He was so happy to have such great people around him and is extremely grateful for everything his customer have done for him so far!The heartwarming story reminds us about the importance of supporting the caring people in our community and the amount of gratitude it can bring in one’s life!

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