12-Year-Old Born With Rare Condition Floored Everyone With His Incredible Talent!

From Hospital to world’s most prestigious stages, this 12 year old talent is in breaking news! As an infant Daniel Colaner was diagnosed with neuroblastoma brain cancer which affects the nervous system and forbids one from living a normal life! He just had a 25% chance to live and to keep his brain development, doctors recommended to play music. But once he started he couldn’t stop it. Mastering in playing Piano this boy made wonders in the stages .Daniel never thought his 4 hour rigorous practice will reward him this great honors. Really God is great and each and every moment of our life is a gift from God..his mother Marie Colaner testify the goodness of God! God Bless you Daniel!

“With long life I will satisfy Him and I will show Him my Salvation!” Psalm(91)