Teen With Only 4 Fingers Playing Piano Will Warm Your Heart

A young man is proving with a beautiful piano arrangement that ! The 17 year old Darrius Simmons amazes everyone with his excellency on playing piano with just 4 fingers. He only has three fingers on his right hand and one on his left hand. Despite the fact that he only has 4 fingers, he continues to play and write his own music.

Darrius has been playing piano since he was first introduced to it in an elementary school music class in his hometown in Warren,OH. Even though he never had any formal training; he is blessed by God with an inborn talent to play piano. He plays in his high school jazz band for local events and has even played in Carnegie Hall alongside South Korean pianist Yiruma.

The beautiful video shows the talented teen is playing his own composition. The young talent hopes his music and the enthusiasm will inspire many people. Darrius plans to continue with a career in music after high school, and its for sure that he will come up brightly in his music career!

We wish you all the very best Darrius!

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