9-Year-Old Deaf Boy Bursts Into Tears As He Hears Dad’s Voice For First Time In Weeks

9 year old boy broke out in tears of happiness when he hears his dad’s voice for first time after his hearing aid got restored. And it was all because to the kindness of a group of people from his hometown who came forward with their helping hand for repairing his faulty hearing device.

Luiz Gustavo da Silva was born deaf and was fitted with a hearing aid when he was just 3 years old. He was using a cochlear implant in left year for the past six years. Unfortunately on this March 4th the device stopped functioning leaving the boy in complete isolation! The store told his dad that the device’s warranty is over three years ago and a free replacement or free repair is not covered for it! And the cost of restoring the device was too much for the poor parents and they were helplessly stuck to restore the device for their son!

Not having the hearing aid made the boy devastated and he refused to go to school and spent almost every day sobbing his heart out. However his touching story reaches to the hearts at their Brazilian town residents. And hundreds of kind hearted people came forward for the boy’s support and they have donated more than enough money for his hearing aid repair.

“Once people heard about Luiz Gustavo’s difficulties, many residents who had never met him, got behind the campaign,” teacher Caleny Augusta de Rosa said.

Finally by this March 19, the hearing aid had been paid for and his dad Juliano refitted it into his son’s ear. And when he heard his dad’s voice after many days his reactions were filled with excitement and tears of joy! The impact of the great kindness brought in this boy’s life is really remarkable and the whole families extend their gratitude to the caring community!

Now his dad is planning to go for the boy’s bilateral surgery for his right ear! I am sure Luiz will shortly get perfection in his both ears to enjoy his life in its fullest! We wish you good luck!