Deaf Cashier Weared A Tag “I’m Deaf” For 10 Years Until This Special Customer Comes In

The young man named Brandon, works as a cashier in The Sprouts Farmers Market In Phoenix never thought he will get a special customer to cheer up his day so loudly!

The deaf Brandon, initially used to have the help of hearing aids, but the same wasn’t functioning from last 10 years as it was old and were falling apart. Relying on reading lips to ring up his customers made his job more challenging as a cashier in bill counter!His needs for hearing aids that costs $5000 was too much for his income and he was left out to wear the pin said “I’m Deaf” to help customers to understand the situation!

However one of his co-workers named Lisa, who really wanted to help him made a priceless initiative for him. When she heard about an organization with a mission to bring happiness to those in need, she has shared the desperate need of Brandon with their authorities! As a result the surprise squad, Arizona’s 3 TV CBS team sprang into action to help support Brandon with brand new hearing aids.

That day in Brandon’s checkout line, posing as a customer, the TV anchor named Gina Maravilla from 3TV CBS team lined up to meet Brandon to bill her cart! Brandon, unaware about his life is about to change continues ringing up groceries and suddenly “that red box” scooted down the belt as the next line item to be scanned.She just started a bit of friendly chat with him about his hearing trouble as their team was fetching the entire episodes in their cameras from behind! But when he was unable to find the bar code in the red box, the customer, Maravilla casually tells him that the price might be inside it and made him to open that surprise gift!

Inside the lid , what he saw was written all over his face and was rolled down through his eyes calling “Oh my God”.Top of the line hearing aids for Brandon was donated by Zounds Hearing and he was even greeted by their founder Sam Thomasson !

Fitting with the new hearing aids Brandon is now thrilled to attend the next customer and is in hurry to cheer up with his friends in a new way – a hearing way!

Surprise Squad Helps Phoenix Man Hear Again

That time Gina Maravilla and Surprise Squad made everyone cry in the checkout line at Sprouts Farmers Market. Tomorrow 8 a.m. on Good Morning Arizona.

Posted by azfamily 3TV CBS 5 on Tuesday, 30 January 2018

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