Adorable Deaf Puppy Finding Joy Through Sign Language Will Melt Your Heart

“Deaf dogs can cope extremely well and rely on their other senses to help them navigate and understand everything” This poor dog had already been through five homes and everyone rejected him because of his deafness! But now the 1o-month-old ivor is walking back to happiness after being taught sign language by his current owner.

The endearing video shows, ivor is brilliantly following the hand signals of his owner Ellie Bromilow. He is sitting, resting on his belly and also waiting patiently to take a treat as he responds to the new language like a well trained puppy!

It all began when his previous owner handed him over to the RSPCA last November, because they could not cope with his deafness! A dedicated staff at RSPCA’s Halifax, Huddersfield and Bromsgrove branch began to train ivor using finger signals.  They have used finger signals to stat the challenging process of training him instead of relying on the natural voice commands!

When his current owner Ms Bromilow, from Colne in Lancashire met Ivor for the first time, she knew that his deafness was not going to stop her from having the perfect pet. Now she is proud to speak about Ivor’s progress in learning lots more sign commands under her care like, “lie down”,” stay”, “all gone” etc.

And now her puppy is  learning the new lessons from her fingers “roll over”!Watching him living the well deserved life at his forever home will fill our hearts in happiness!