Deaf Waitress Breaks Down Communication Barriers And Win People’s Hearts

This waitress is deaf, but that doesn’t make any difference for the customers to get their orders at the best way!  It’s all because of  the positive attitude of this lady server who is deaf but cares for her customer with a menu which includes common signs and the alphabets!

22 year old Sierra Campbell is a server at Orexi Greek and Mediterranean restaurant of Hull Street in Midlothian. She was born deaf, but that didn’t stop owners Rasool and Angie Al Hasani from hiring Sierra on last January. They were kind enough to give a chance to Sierra and adjusted her hotel menu with common signs and the alphabet which can be easily followed by any. They also adjusted with her by learning signs and their customers are also guided to follow the same.

“We’d go to the tables together and I would talk to the person that was here and I would tell them this is how you can order. You just point to what you want and if there is something you don’t want you just point to that ingredient and shake your head no,” said Angie.

A customer named Maxell Kanczuzewski was happy to share this new experince of placing the order saying “All I had to do was point on the menu and use the different modifiers to get what I needed, and service was no different than any other restaurant I’ve been in.”!

Sierra has many regular customers who love to get attended by her. Her unique way of dealing the customers and the people around her makes her special. She is also happy to work with this restaurant as Hasanis make her feel like a family and she is really grateful for that!

Currently she is doing two jobs to save up money to attend VCU where she wants to study to become a social worker to help the deaf!Such great people are truly a blessing for the society!Her positive attitude and caring nature will surely bring her many more accolades and we wish her a bright future!

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