Delivery Man Goes Above And Beyond To Make A Little Boy’s Dream Come True

6-year-old Brandon was eagerly waiting for their family’s new refrigerator to be delivered to their house, so he could use the box to build forts. Brandon was patently looking forward the delivery so that all his imaginations with the cardboard structure can be fulfilled. After two weeks of waiting ,finally the delivery man brought the fridge, but its box wasn’t there. So the little Brandon was so much heartbroken and the Lowe’s delivery driver also felt so bad for the youngster’s heartbreak. That’s when he decided to go back to the store and brought him the desired box!

His empathetic act is aptly praised and Brandon’s mother Wendy Bailey of Ranking County brought the touching story on her Facebook. She wrote about the man’s kindness and the impact it made on his little son with a touching caption..

“He said “every little boy needs an awesome box fort!” Now that’s going above and beyond! There’s one thrilled six year old in my house this morning who also learned an important lesson today about kindness”

Watching him delivering more than just packages is truly inspiring!

So my son had been patiently waiting for two weeks for our new refrigerator to be delivered so he could make an extra…

Posted by Wendy Bailey on Saturday, June 16, 2018

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