Disabled Dad Saves Pocket Change To Buy Daughter Coffee

17-year-old Morgan Porterfield was deeply moved to post this touching words about her disabled dad Jim, who kept a gift note with a bottle full of money for a cup of coffee!

“As some know my dad is mentally and physically handicapped and so especially now that he’s older he’s unable to work or earn an income but he’s been saving his pocket change for the past month for some reason and I thought nothing of it til I came home from work to this today”

Since the day this post was up on her tweeter page, it touched the hearts of millions and she is blessed to receive many supports from them. It was on 1981, Morgan’s father met with an accident, when a drunk driver hit him on his way to work. After suffering severe brain damages Jim deals with various consequences of it. He has short term memory loss, seizures and limited use of his arms and legs.

After the accident, he was unable to continue with his existing job, manual labor work in the railroad. He then ended up doing a manual filing job for an oil and gas company for the past 30 years, until he was laid of last year. Despite all the disabilities and not much to spare, he does his best to save a little for his daughter’s happiness ,and that day she comes home from work, the loving dad told her “Morgan, there’s a present on your bed for you.”

Going through the attached note that read “$11.19 – 6/1/18 Coffee Money Love, Dad.” she immediately started crying.

I am so glad to see the amazing support she received through her GoFundMe  page. Morgan hopes to spend the funds to buy a chair lift for her dad!