Woman Films A Doctor Giving His Coat To A Homeless Man On A Freezing Day

“Its something I don’t’ see every day” and she was quick enough to record this extraordinary act of loving-kindness and now sharing with the millions to witness what she has seen is an incredible gesture of love!

A freezing day at The Summit in Birmingham, this woman named Briana DiGiorgio was in the passenger seat of her best friend’s car, waiting for the red  light to change she noticed a car just in front of her pull off to the side giving her a touching story of caring love!

It was barely 31 degree that day and the man wearing a navy coat got out of the car and walked towards that stranger on the road side and started talking to this homeless man who was dressed in rags and was shivering in the bitter cold! Briana was shocked to see this man pulling out his own coat and covering it on the poor stranger saying “Zip it up and stay warm, I am going to get you some food”! Hugging each other this great man, who was later on identified as Dr Rees Oliver, a neonatologist from Birmingham was truly spreading the waves of love to the millions! Watch to witness it!

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