Doctor Dressed As Star Wars Character To Deliver The Good News To Boy Waiting For Heart

A pediatric cardiologist wanted to make sure the most anticipated good news for his special patient is delivered in a spectacular way! He dressed up in a Chewbacca costume to surprise his 15 year old heart patient to announce the happy news –“We got a heart”!

15 year ol Austin Eggleston was born with literal broken heart that required five surgeries and four pacemakers to keep him alive. He was admitted in Lurie Children’s Hospital at Chicago and was “running out of time”! The boy was in dire need of a transplant and was waiting for months to get that “miracle piece” to extend the time!

That’s when his pediatric cardiologist walked in with the good news in a stunning costume leaving the boy in complete surprise!  Dr Philip Thrush told Austin, a “Star Wars” fans that when the news was good, he would deliver it in costume as Chewbacca.

“To be able to go and tell a family and a child that they’re going to have a new chance at life and a new heart is the most amazing that I do..and I love it” The doctor explains!

His new heart was arrived in just hours later and the operation was successful for the lucky boy! He is expected to get back to home in a months’ time! His mother Anglin is happy to say that her child is able to do anything now and his ambitions is to become pediatric cardiologist! We wish you a healthy and happy for Austin!